55038 North Maroa

Fresno, CA 93704


ANNA RAY - Owner

Anna was born and raise in Pittsburgh, PA. before moving to Fresno in 1991. Anna enjoyed breeding and clipping toy poodles as a hobby while staying home to raise her son. From 1993-1998 Anna was the Grooming Manager for a national pet store chain. She then became a Dual Grooming Manager running 2 salons as well as a Regional Grooming Instructor. On July 8, 1998 she opened Classy Canines so she could provide a more personal service to her clients. The Ray family includes her husband Allen, son, Allen Jr., Rosie, a rescued pomeranian mix, Panther, a pitbull mix, and Lily, a very tempermental siamese mix cat.


Tomasita has been grooming for approx. 3 1/2 years at Classy Canines. Starting as a bather, she gained experience in haircutting as well. She has a general interest in all kinds of animals, whether they are furry, scaly, or feathery. When she was younger Tomasita would rescue injuried birds and nursed them back to health. When not working she also likes to do martial arts. Tomasita is currently studying Aikido, a fun martial art very different then the usual karate and Tae Kwon Do.

PHALLA KHOUN - Pet Stylist

Phalla was hired at Classy Canines in May of 2007 as a bather. Originally she started out as a kennel person at Cedar Vet for 6 years. As her interest shifted to animal grooming she came to work at Classy Canines. Phalla hopes to own a Grooming Shop in the near future, she enjoys her work on a daily basis, and also loves the animals that come with their wonderful and loyal owners.


Galyean Frye is the new kid on the block and was hired in August 2009. She’s a full time student at Willow International and a part-time dog washer. Galyean has never had so much fun working with wet animals as she learns new things each day.

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